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6 Stories / 6 Hours / 6 Artists

Jimmy Ogonga, Donna Kukama, Marian Kunonga, Lucy Azibuike, Nicholas Simo and Sonia Sultuane
Curator: Khwezi Gule
Places: Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa

Six artists have been chosen to each go to another country on the continent and get to know about each other’s contexts, though be it in a very limited way within the scope of this project. In essence it is all about turning the gaze inward. At the very least this project aims to provide African artists the opportunity to trace the contours of their ’African identity’.

This will be done in two ways: through a documentary process, and artworks that will be realized as a consequence of the documentation process. The artists could document a place, collect objects, document an event, or situation that is in some way emotionally charged, such as a spectator sport, a religious or cultural event, a prison. The artist that chooses to collect objects or record material must do so for an accumulative period totaling 6 hours. Artworks will have to be things that are easily transported cheaply, can be emailed, can be shown with minimal technical requirements, or that can be realized in several places at the same time.

The results will be shown in South Africa and the other participating African countries.

Participating artists are:

  • Jimmy Ogonga (multi-media artist) – Kenya
  • Donna Kukama (performance and multi-media artist) – South Africa
  • Marian Kunonga (film) – Malawi
  • Lucy Azibuike (photography) – Nigeria
  • Sonia Sultuane (sculptor and poet) – Mozambique
  • Nicholas Simo (photography) – Cameroon

Photo: 'Our efforts tell' by Lucy Azibuike