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Stephen Wilks | Trojandonkey

attention everyone encountering Homer, the green donkey
What to do when you encounter Homer, the green donkey

Homer, the green donkey, travels from house to house. He departed Rabat on 27 October 2007, and is set to arrive in Amsterdam in November 2008. Thank you for passing the donkey on to someone you trust to take him in the right direction.

Certain parts of the journey are pre-organised. If you are located somewhere on the route, and you wish to meet or host the donkey, contact us at trojandonkey@multipistes.org

You can leave proof of your encounter with the green donkey by leaving documentation in his belly pocket. At each stage of his journey, the donkey may publicly present the evidence of his previous encounters. Please note that by leaving information in the donkey, you give up all your copyright thereto. Your name may, at your request, be mentioned in case of publication.

Do not hesitate to visit this site, www.multipistes.org, to follow the donkey’s travels, to see its new destination or to share your impressions.