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Seamus Farrell | 3R’s Maroc 21

Curated by Abdellah Karroum
Espace 150 x 295 cm, Martil

The workshop “3 R’s Morocco” took place at l’Espace 150 x 295 cm in Martil, Morocco. The workhop was realised by Seamus Farrell together with Faouzi Laatiris.
Some notes on “3 R-s Morocco 21”

The workshop “3R’s Morocco” was conducted for a large part on the pavement in front of l’Espace 150 x 295 cm. The activities overflowed into the public area, which was used as an alternative workspace in lack of specialist art spaces.

This situation has lead to a series of meetings with the inhabitants of Martil, the merchants and the neighbors. Certain participants joined the workshop to create personal objects, or to work on social and cultural topics.

At the end of the Workshop the 150 x 295 cm Art Space organised and exhibition together with artists Faouzi Laatiris, Seamus Farell and all the participants.