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Daniel Roth


Daniel Roth (b. 1969 in Schramberg, Germany)

Daniel Roth combines drawings, photographs, and objects in installations with strong narrative qualities. His oeuvre is dominated by representations of both real and imaginary spaces, whereby he establishes links between places that don’t necessarily have anything in common. The artist does not provide a linear story, but reveals certain elements alleging hidden truths from which the viewer can construct his own story.

For The Well (2006), Roth suggested the existence of hidden waterways linking a fictional space created in the South London Gallery to local history. In Cabrini Green Forest (2004) Roth hinted at subterranean woodlands, connecting the social history of a Chicago prison to a public housing project.

Roth has done various international solo exhibitions over the past years, including ‘The Well’ at the South London Gallery, ‘Concentrations 46: Zones of Dissolution’ at the Dallas Museum of Art; ’Cabrini Green Forest’ at the Donald Young Gallery, Chicago; Western Bridge, Seattle; Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe, and ‘Inside the White Cube’, London. He has exhibited in major group exhibitions including Manifesta 5, San Sebastian 2004, the Montreal Biennial and the Berlin Biennial, 2003.