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Latifa Laâbisi | Habiter

Text by Abdellah Karroum

Introduction to the production of Habiter (To Live)

The artist creates her language by exploring both the world that surrounds her and her own body. When placing her body in new spaces, the approach necessarily becomes experimental, and the existence of the work is relative. The work lies in the process more than in the goal. The artist’s journey, with her encounters, is as important as the work’s visual or recorded end result .

When Latifa Laâbissi travels to Morocco, she finds herself confronted by a country that is strangely familiar. She is originally from this country, but she developed her body in contact with other places of learning and living. The artist wants to ‘inhabit’ the apartments of Moroccans, after having ‘inhabited’ those of the inhabitants of Rennes. Visiting a private apartment in order to produce certain movements there results from an artistic approach to the encounter, the displacement of the language of art, and a transitory aesthetic. The perspective of making a work of art is questioned. The result, by the way, is unexpected, even surprising: inhabiting private apartments in Morocco became inhabiting Morocco, in the public space. It is in fierce game of football that Latifa performs an encounter, but also in the streets of Salé, with the bookseller and the seller of caged birds. The video documents the time of the encounter, without editing or ornament. Everything is there. The choreographic movements of Latifa Laâbissi are manifestly also produced in the presence of these spaces of life, in this country that is difficult to ‘inhabit’.